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  • Token Sale

    Investing in the first round of Möbius 2D also makes you a participant in our ICO. You will recieve one token per share bought and token holders are entitled to dividends from Möbius 2D and all of our future projects - 9% of Möbius 2D revenue goes to token holders!

    50 ETH M2D Decentralized Exchange
    100 ETH Möbius Dice Game
    500 ETH Möbius Betting Game
    1000 ETH Möbius Casino
    5000 ETH Moon?
    Coming soon


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    Why Invest in MÖBIUS 2D?

    Better everything, infinite return/s!


    Smart contract built from the ground up to be clean and efficient. Website hosted on IPFS, so it can't be blocked or taken down!

    To the Moon

    You get returns for investing in any round and dividends for being a token holder!

    Be the Boss

    Be like us, be the boss. Get in early, shill, win real cash and buy a lambo.

    Generous rewards

    The contract is easy to understand and the majority of funds coming in are shared with investors!